Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pimsleur Japanese Level 1 - Lesson 5 Notes

New Vocabulary:

  • wakarimasen - I don't understand / I don't know
  • wakarimasu - I know
  • tabemasu - eat / going to eat
  • tabemasen - not going to eat
  • nanika - something
  • nomimasu - drink / going to drink
  • nomimasen - not going to drink

New Sentences:

  • Wakarimasu ka. - Do you know?
  • Hai, wakarimasu. - Yes, I know.
  • Tabemasu ka. - Are you going to eat?
  • Hai, tabemasu. - Yes, I'm going to eat.
  • Tabemasu. - I'm going to eat.
  • Tabemasen. - I'm not going to eat. / I don't eat.
  • Nanika tabemasu. - I'm going to eat something.
  • Tabemasen ka. - Won't you eat? / Wouldn't you like to eat?
  • Nanika tabemasen ka. - Won't you eat something? / Wouldn't you like to eat something?
  • Anata wa. - And you?
  • Nomimasu. - I'm going to drink.
  • Nomimasen. - I'm not going to drink.
  • Nomimasu ka. - Are you going to drink?
  • Nanika nomimasu ka. - Are you going to drink something?
  • Nomimasen ka. - Won't you drink? / Wouldn't you like to drink?
  • Nanika nomimasen ka. - Won't you drink something? / Wouldn't you like to drink something?
  • Iie, kekkou desu. - No, thank you.
  • Nanika tabemasu ka. - Are you going to eat something?
  • Iie, demo nanika nomimasu. - No, but I'm going to drink something.
  • Watashi wa tabemasu. - I am going to eat.
  • Sou desu ne. - Well, let me see.
  • Koko ja arimasen, asoko desu. - It's not here, it's there.
  • Ah, hai, wakarimasu. - Ah, yes, I know!

Japanese Conversation:

Man: Sumimasen. Sumimasen.
Woman: Hai, nanika.
Man: Ueno Kouen wa doko desu ka.
Woman: Asoko desu.
Man: Ueno Eki wa.
Woman: Koko desu.
Man: Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

English Translation:

Man: Excuse me. Excuse me.
Woman: Yes, something? / What is it you want to ask?
Man: Where is Ueno Park?
Woman: It's over there.
Man: And Ueno Station?
Woman: It's here.
Man: Thank you very much.

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  1. Just discovered these notes. They're proving really useful as I look back over the Pimsleur courses I've previously completed, identifying bits that didn't really sink in properly.