Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Snoop Dogg & Kanjani8

I had an "Uwaa~" moment when I saw this:

I'm just so happy that Kanjani8, my favorite Japanese band, is getting international acknowledgement. :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tokyo on a Budget

I found this really cool article on how to experience Tokyo for 4 days 3 nights on a budget of ¥10,000 or around $US125 (roughly php4,200) per person exclusive of plane fare. Sharing it to those who might be interested:

How to Spend 3 Nights in Tokyo All Included on 10,000yen

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hiragana Quick Review

I must confess that I've been slacking off on my study of both spoken and written Japanese for the past months. (sheepish) And I've discovered that I've forgotten some of what I had already learned before. So now I'm going to review my hiragana.

あ   い   う   え   お   -   a   i   u   e   o
か   き   く   け   こ   -   ka   ki   ku   ke   ko
さ   し   す   せ   そ   -   sa   shi   su   se   so
た   ち   つ   て   と   -   ta   chi   tsu   te   to
な   に   ぬ   ね   の   -   na   ni   nu   ne   no
は   ひ   ふ   へ   ほ   -   ha   hi   fu   he   ho
ま   み   む   め   も   -   ma   mi   mu   me   mo
や   ゆ   よ   -   ya   yu   yo
ら   り   る   れ   ろ   -   ra   ri   ru   re   ro
わ   を   -   wa   wo
ん   -   n

が   ぎ   ぐ   げ   ご   -   ga   gi   gu   ge   go
ざ   じ   ず   ぜ   ぞ   -   za   ji   zu   ze   zo
だ   ぢ   づ   で   ど   -   da   ji   zu   de   do
ば   び   ぶ   べ   ぼ   -   ba   bi   bu   be   bo
ぱ   ぴ   ぷ   ぺ   ぽ    -   pa   pi   pu   pe   po

That's it for now. I'm going to sleep. おやすみなさい。 (-_-)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving posts from my other blog

I'm thinking of moving my posts on Japanese TV from my anime and manga blog to here. Now if I can just stop watching the shows to actually work on my blogs. Hehe...