Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Wear a Japanese Kimono & Tie a Flat Obi

I finally got the chance to wear a Japanese kimono last week! It was so much fun! Thank goodness for YouTube though or else I never would have figured out how to wear it or tie that long flat band around my waist (which I later learned is called an obi). I also learned that the kimono I was able to borrow from a friend was called a yukata, which is a summer kimono made of cotton.

And here it is:

I had tied the bow tightly, but at the end of our program when this picture was taken it had already loosened. Oh well, I'm still proud of it considering it was the first time I learned how to do it. Now I will share to you the videos that helped me. First, let's learn how to put on the yukata kimono:

And now let's learn how to tie a flat obi to complete the attire:

Now that wasn't so hard, was it? :)


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog and I think it's just great! The past few months my own interest in Japan has taken a gigant leap and so I just started with the Pimsleur Basic Japanese - I love it and was thrilled to see your notes from the first four lessons =D The sad part is it seems that's the only notes you've got...? Nothing past the fourth lesson? (Except the 30th). Well anyways, I hope your plans on travelling to Japan is going really well and I really hope you will keep sharing your experiences here!

    Best wishes,
    Ellinor from Sweden

    1. Thanks, Ellinor. :) I'm ashamed to say that I got too lazy to make notes after the fourth lesson, but you and Kennedy have just given me some fresh inspiration. Hehe. ^_^

      Good luck on your learning Japanese. The Pimsleur method really works. I'm now on lesson 28 of Pimsleur's Japanese II and can now speak basic Japanese thanks to it. :)

  2. I'm SO glad to hear you've got some inspiration to continue your blog! =) I really hope I can find the Pimsleur Japanese lessons beyond lesson 10...I borrowed them from our town library and apparently they can't help me finding the rest. But I'll keep looking and hopefully I'll find them =)

    1. Thanks. :) And good luck with your search. :)