Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Pursuit of Japan Begins

And so my Pursuit of Japan begins. Or more accurately, it begins in earnest. It has been one of my dreams for quite some time now, but I've never really gotten around to doing much about it. Now I am ready to follow my imagination. (The slogan of Yokoso! Japan, Japan's tourism campaign for 2010 is Follow Your Imagination.) And I have decided to slowly and steadily take steps to achieve this dream I have of Japan.

I have divided the process into five stages:

The Game Plan

Stage 1.
Nihongo, The Japanese Language
Prefectures of Japan, Places to Visit

Stage 2.
Japanese Yen, The Budget
The "Japan Fund", Monetary Preparations

Stage 3.
Japanese Lodgings, Where to Stay
Japanese Food, What to Eat
Japanese Culture, How to Behave
Japanese Transportation, Getting From Place to Place
Japanese Weather, What to Bring

Stage 4.
Embassy of Japan, Visa Application

Stage 5.
Japan Travel Itinerary
Flights to Japan, Airline Schedules, Promotions and Booking
 Accommodations and Other Necessary Arrangements
Final Arrangements

There will be no time frame for each stage. I will allow things to happen at their natural pace, keeping myself open to opportunities and possibilities. And I will be blogging about each stage as my pursuit of Japan continues. Now let's have some fun. :)


  1. I suggest you this: if you want great tips to go there! (and have help when you are over there)
    Also, NHK (the radio in Japan) lessons are great too!
    And the videos of GenkiJapan are great (also, great help to learn Hiraganas and Katakanas)

    I started to learn japanese and to dream like you around 2010, and I can see with your blog that I'm not the only one getting caught in the everyday life! ^^

    I plan to pass the JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) one day.
    Do you plan to do it too? (

    Where do you live and why did you started to learn Japanese?

    Best of Luck !!
    Gambatte kudasai !

    1. Thanks, Katleen. I started becoming interested in learning Japanese when I watched the anime Rurouni Kenshin. I was still in school, and I remember buying several books on learning Japanese. Now I'm even more fascinated by all things Japanese. I'd really like to be able to watch a Kanjani8 concert in Osaka one day and actually understand what they're singing and saying. :P

      Yes, I do want to pass the JLPT. Good luck to you as well. :)