Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Overview of the Prefectures of Japan

Do you know what a prefecture is? I have to admit that I hadn't heard about it until I started watching anime. I learned from Wikipedia that "Prefectures are governmental bodies larger than cities, towns, and villages." And in order to get a clearer picture of Japan, I wanted to familiarize myself with its prefectures. Luckily, I found this diagram on Wiki as well:

I know that Hokkaido is where Japan's famous hot springs are. So if I want to go to the hot springs, I'd have to travel to the northern tip of Japan. Okinawa, known for its beaches, is at the southern tip. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is in the central part of the country. Knowing the relative location of the prefectures and its surrounding cities has given me a much clearer picture of how I should plan my trip. My next step is to research about each prefecture to see which one best matches the experience that I am looking for.

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