Sunday, January 24, 2016

Skipping Pimsleur for Tae Kim Today

As I was cleaning up my iPad this morning, I rediscovered this app called Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese Grammar that I downloaded a long time ago. I opened it to see whether or not I should delete it along with the other unused apps that were cluttering my device and decided to keep it. So now I plan to study one lesson a week to supplement my Pimsleur audio lessons. (To be honest, I haven't been progressing on Pimsleur Japanese Level 3 since I've just been typing up notes for level 1 lessons. But it's good that I got to review old lessons.)

I like that Tae Kim's guide is visual. I can learn the kanji to vocabulary words as I'm learning how to construct grammatically correct sentences with them. I think I discovered the website first and downloaded the IOS app afterwards. They also have an Android app for those interested. Here's their website: Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

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