Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm turning Japanese... I really think so

The IEC week is over! No more roadblocks! Yay! Yesterday was the last day of my weeklong self-imposed house arrest caused by traffic-phobia. Today we painted the town red - a red sun actually, as in the Japanese flag. We started by grabbing onigirazu @ Son-gohan BTC for lunch. I had wanted to try onigirazu for a long time but never got the chance until now. I got the tamagoyaki with crabmeat onigirazu. Princeton got the beef gyusando onigirazu. Both were yummy.

Finally got my hands on this onigirazu! Oishikatta!

Then we went to Kiku Trading to check out their new arrivals. I was looking for a Japanese teapot with a built-in sieve to catch the tea leaves but didn't find any that I liked. I fell in love with these chawanmushi cups instead. Can't wait to use them.

Are these chawanmushi cups? The ones I bought before don't have handles.

Last I got my Kose Sekkisei BB cream. Thank you, Michelle @ ProtoolsCebu! I'm now one step closer to becoming a Japanese beauty. Bwahahaha!

Trying Kose Sekkisei BB cream in shade 02. Might post a review in the future. ;-p

Got home a bit late today, so I'll be skipping my Japanese lessons. I deserve a break for my diligence these past twelve consecutive days. Hehe. ;-p

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