Sunday, July 23, 2017

Three-Part Training for Japan

In order to get in shape for our nine days of adventure in Japan, I have come up with a three-part training plan:

Part 1. Walking
Part 2. Cycling
Part 3. Speaking Japanese

Walking is something that we're going to be doing a lot of when we go to Japan; and my meager 15-30 minute leisurely walk home isn't going to cut it especially when I'm mostly sedentary the whole day. So I'm going to gradually increase my walking time and walking intensity.

Stage One: 1 mile walk, 16 minutes a day

Stage Two: 2 mile walk, 30 minutes a day
Sorry, the 2 mile walk video has been deleted from YouTube. But I already downloaded it a couple of years ago so I can still do it. :-)

Stage Three: 3 mile walk, 46 minutes a day

Bloggers say Osaka and Kyoto are the ideal places to cycle in Japan. So I thought we'd give it a whirl. The problem is my biking skills or lack thereof. Yes, I know how to ride a bicycle, but I have next to no experience riding on public roads where there are pedestrians and other vehicles. So I need to practice. Of course, I'm not going to bike on the streets of Cebu. I don't want to die just yet. We were thinking of practicing at Camp Lahug. Anybody have a spare bike I could borrow for a couple of months? :-D

Speaking Japanese
I have been trying to learn Japanese since I was in college (after falling in love with Saito Hajime and Aoshi Shinomori of Rurouni Kenshin ;-p). I have a few books on learning Japanese and the Pimsleur's Japanese audio courses. I've also watched countless Japanese movies, TV shows and anime. But after all these years, I still haven't reached a level of fluency where I can converse in Japanese. Why? Because I have chronic lazinitis. I just do not have enough self-discipline and willpower to persevere with the lessons day after day after day. Why can't we have one of those The Matrix-like contraptions where you just stick a cable into the back of your head and download a language into your brain?!

Anyway, cue the theme from Rocky and let the training begin!

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